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Kelly Johnston founder of the 4X Formula real estate training program.

As promised here are the tools that I talk about in the ATTRACT book.

These are the exact same tools that the 4X Agents Members receive as they move through the Video content in the Quick Commission Accelerator Course.  However, there are more available to those members to coincide with the lessons that cover some of the aspects in more detail. 

For now, you have full access to all of the tools below. Simple download onto your device and go to work!  These tools are designed to help you:

  • Create your Road Map to success. 
  • Set Goals and Track your progress.
  • Begin your database and organize and track your prospects, leads, and clients. 
  • Examples of “Scripting” and “Drop off Letters” and other types of communications to help you in your lead nurture sequence.

Everything is designed for you to succeed in the Real Estate business and cause you create new habits that will serve your business but also, the people that you serve.  Enjoy!